Doc Lett, Owner and CEO, has been part of the Referral Marketing Industry since he was in college. While working a minimum wage job during college, he was introduced to network marketing and soon found his passion. He discovered that anyone with a desire to create their own path, could make a substantial income by referring others to opportunities.

Doc was born in Anniston before moving to Glencoe in the second grade. His athletic talents were developed in the back yards of his childhood friends. "Growing up here as a kid was a perfect way to grow up," Doc said. "I picked up a ball in the third grade and played ball for a long time. It was a great place to grow up. Doc went on to shine at Glencoe High, lettering in four sports and earning all-county and all-state honors in football.

From there, he would move on to Jacksonville State, where he started as quarterback for four seasons. While at JSU, Doc would lead the Gamecocks to an undefeated season in 1970 and be voted team captain and offensive MVP twice.

"We had some good coaches and average ball players," Doc said. "We didn't have any superstars, but our coaches knew how to bring out the best in us. That was the best thing about college sports for me, being a part of that process."

His childhood was spent developing his love for sports and all the lessons that comes along with what a "TEAM" really means and what it takes to achieve your goals.

Sports has always been a big part of Doc's history and even still today, he reflects back to his Football Days and comments on how much he "loves playing the game." Doc Lett is definitely a team player. After being introduced to network marketing in College, he went from making minimum wage to earning over a $1,000 a week.

Today, Doc continues to implement the life lessons he learned growing up. The determination to succeed, the mentality of teamwork, the Never Give Up attitude, the cheerleader, "You can achieve your dreams no matter what", can best sum up Doc's spirit. These values are part of Doc's very core. He is definitely the under dog's best friend!

As of today, Doc has owned several successful businesses. He has always wanted to put a company together for the little guy and he succeeded in doing so. Freeway to Success, the first product package, was introduced in December 2009 and in September 2013 the second product package, Recipes 4 Your Success was introduced, in which Doc is the owner and CEO, and both are still going strong today. Doc is also the owner and CEO of Local Savings 4 You and Rambo and Rocky Virtual Flea Market. All of our Product Packages work together to provide thousands of ordinary people multiple income streams under the umbrella of The Freeway Connection.

Doc has assembled a team of support personnel that shares his values of helping each and every person they come into contact with succeed. From "live" customer support to free marketing materials to one-on-one training, Doc and his team are available to anyone and dedicated to helping thousands around the globe find financial independence.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of knowing or actually meeting Doc, know that he is an honest man with a servant's heart. A man of integrity, who has the determination to help everyone succeed. As Doc mentioned, how his coach knew how to bring out the best in him, and that was the best part of college sports, was being a part of that process, he too, can bring out the best in you.

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